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Accessibility Help

This page, offered by Jan's webmaster, will help you to access the information on this web site more easily. It contains information on how to adjust various browsers to display these pages with larger, or smaller, text and to help you navigate using the keyboard.

Text Size

Did you know that all modern browsers allow you to change text size. Most use the View Menu or alternatively keyboard Control and + or −.

Browser Text Sizing abilities
BrowserView MenuKeyboardKeyboard Shortcut
FireFox 3yesyesCTRL +/−/0
FireFox 2Text OnlyyesCTRL +/−/0
Safari for WindowsyesyesCTRL +/−/0
Opera 9.10/9.26Zoom pageyesCTRL +/− 100%, +/−/* in 10% page zoom steps
Internet Explorer 75 text sizesyesCTRL +/−/0 Zooms page
KonquerorText onlyyesCTRL +/−
Internet Explorer 65 text sizesNo, View Menu only
Internet Explorer 5.55 text sizesNo, View Menu only

But using this method to alter text size may affect the layout adversely, However, both Opera and IE 7 have a (Page) Zoom facility which alters the image size well and maintains the page layout.

Also, Firefox (my preferred browser), Opera and Konqueror — the popular Linux browser, will allow you to choose from a list of pre–defined page styles, if the web designer has offered them. Besides the basic page style you would be able to choose, for example, ‘Large Text’ or ‘Xtra Large’. Pull down the View menu and select ‘Style’, ‘Page Style’ or ‘Use Stylesheet’ to see the options.

Changing Focus

Some browsers (Firefox, for example) utilize the Tab key to change focus to the next available link. Useful for selecting the next thumbnail image. Go backwards with Shift–Tab. Press the Enter key to select. In Windows Alt-F4 closes the window.

Finally, for those using flat panel monitors it is worth noting that it may be worthwhile to check and/or adjust your viewing angle vertically when viewing the images to get the best results, as the brightness of the colour does vary a little, depending on the angle.

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